Friday, October 16, 2009

What is Correspondence?

Correspondence is a political magazine based in Delhi, using "politics" in a very broad sense so as to include all issues, questions and answers that influence our lives. We invite serious contributions on any social, cultural, political or economic issue from counter-hegemonic perspectives, which need not be confined to any established socialist and communist current of thought (though these approaches are most welcome).

We have brought out one issue of the magazine so far, essays from which we shall put up here. It not being easy to find enough articles to bring out regular issues - especially since we are an independent magazine - we have decided this year to come out with pamphlets, which we shall continue to write and distribute even as we prepare the next issue of the magazine. This seemed politically more useful and we thought it would keep us working too.

Pamphlets are often associated with a simple point-by-point agenda (whether they be demands or criticisms). We intend our pamphlets to be more analytical but most of them not being more than 1500 words, they aim only to set up an issue, to raise a question, rather than deal with it in detail/depth. We sell the magazines and distribute these pamphlets mostly in Delhi University and other parts of Delhi; this blog is a way to reach out to a wider audience - both readers and writers.

We are called 'Correspondence' because we would like our readers to write to us, to engage in dialogue with the writers and the editors (as Paresh says in the editorial to the first issue). You can write to us at: If you wish to submit work, please mail it to (We also have hard copies of the first issue for those who prefer them.)


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